Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Jay Chou 1st Album 'Jay'

Jay (simplified Chinese: 周杰伦同名专辑; traditional Chinese: 周杰倫同名專輯; pinyin: Zhōu Jié Lún Tóng Míng Zhuān Jí) is Jay Chou's debut album, which was released on November 7, 2000. All music composed by Jay Chou.

Jay Album is the groundbreaking debut album from the talented writer Jay Chou. Featuring a fresh r&b style and wonderful lyrics from Vincent Fang, Vivian Hsu and Jay himself. All the tracks on the album are composed by Jay. The first track Lovable Woman features the lovely Vivian Hsu in the music video. Every track has a music video except for track 8, although there is a KTV which was not made by Jay.

Track listing No. Title Lyrics Length 1. "Adorable Woman" (可愛女人 Kě Ài Nǚ Rén) Vivian Hsu 3:59 2. "Perfectionism" (完美主義 Wán Měi Zhǔ Yì) Vincent Fang 4:04 3. "Starry Mood" (星晴 Xīng Qíng) Jay Chou 4:19 4. "Wife" (娘子 Niáng Zǐ) Vincent Fang 4:30 5. "Bullfight" (鬥牛 Dòu Niú) Vincent Fang 4:38 6. "Black Humour" (黑色幽默 Hēi Sè Yōu Mò) Jay Chou 4:43 7. "Istanbul" (伊斯坦堡 Yī Sī Tǎn Bǎo) Vivian Hsu 3:29 8. "Old Indian Turtledove" (印地安老斑鳩 Yìn Dì Ān Lǎo Bān Jiū) Vincent Fang 5:04 9. "Tornado" (龍捲風 Lóng Juǎn Fēng) Vivian Hsu 4:10 10. "The Anti-Clockwise Clock" (反方向的鐘 Fān Fāng Xiàng De Zhōng) Vincent Fang 4:17

Track01 - This is an easy to listen to song. It is very popular with girls, probably because it is about Jay talking about a lovable woman. In the MTV Vivian Hsu, the lyricist of the song makes an appearance. I think this song has a very good tune and rhythm to it. Jay's performance of the song is excellent and it is full of R&B flavour.

Track02 - This is a rather different type of song to the first. It is slightly faster than track 1 but it is still a good song. The song is about a woman who is so good at dealing with emotional situations it is almost scary. This song is a little weird as at the end Jay starts to sing his own name.

Track03 - This has got to be one of Jay's most memorable songs. The rhythm is slow and catchy. I think the best part of this song is the first couple of lines. Jay has really done well with the backing vocals. The song is very soothing to the ears. The words match perfectly with the song as it is about nature and Jay talks about imaginary things such as riding the wind. Highly recommended.

Track04 - This is a very fast rapping song. It is simply impossible to keep up with Jay. The song is based in ancient times and is about a man and his wife. From the MTV it looks like Jay is having an affair and his poor wife is waiting for him by the river.

Track05 - This is a song about a bullfight. The title is a metaphor about playing basketball. As you can see in the MTV Jay plays a big man and you could say Jay is fighting a bull. The song has quite a laid back feel and it is a good song to listen to when relaxing.

Ttack06 - This song has a lot of meaning to it. The MTV shows this with it's classy black & white video. The music is just right even though there isn't much. The piano gives the song a classic feel. Jay's performance of this song makes this song a classic.

Track07 - This song has a great tune. The words may not have much meaning but they have a certain innocence that makes the song good. This is a slow song and depends on the beat.

Track 08 - This is the weirdest song on the album and is probably my least favourite. It is original but just a bit too radical for me to accept. The content of the song is about a turtledove and it doesn't really mean much to me.

Track09 - My favourite song on the album and possibly of the year. The song that probably made him as famous as he is now and it was the song that I first liked. This song has a great beat and the words are simply fantastic. The song sounds like a different song when you put the singing off. The only bad thing is that it doesn't last long enough. The MTV is also good and does the song justice.

Track10 - This is a song about going back in time. The lyrics in this song flow very well together and the backing vocals are also very well coordinated. I think the song is about Jay being dumped by a girl who is very cruel to him. He still loves her and wants to go back in time.

Overall - This album is a brilliant debut album and is well worth getting. A majority of the songs in it are great and Jay's performance is excellent.

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