Sunday, October 17, 2010

Jolin Tsai 2nd Album "Don't Stop"

Don't Stop is Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai on April 26, 2000 issue of the second original album, Jolin Tsai in the cover of this album, the British group S Club 7's popular songs "Bring It All Back", was greatly caused by topic of conversation. Compared with the previous album, the genre of this album has gradually diversified, but on the whole remained pure feeling of this period Jolin Tsai, the main track with "Don't Stop", "Are you happy," " What kind of love "," You Gotta Know "," Hi "and" lonely people always say no "and so on, the album sold more than 450,000 in Taiwan.

"Don't Stop" is Yilin's second album, the song cover of the popular British group "S Club 7" chart-topping theme song of the album, written by a new generation of dreams about longing and fear, on the the pursuit of love and attitude relative to the second voice Yilin, also a symbol of starting another more confident and more courageous to meet the challenge. Christmas Eve last year, Yilin winter vacation by only to New York Quad Studio (Mariah Carey the Queen's studio), co-operation in the previous album, the four black singers again later by the famous New York photographer John N. photo accompanying plane shot records. In addition to the production part of the album's producer, David Wu, mustached Lee Sung, Wei Song, there are initial cooperation of Chen Wei, Yi-Lin teachers for the stringent requirements on the vocal than ever, so the listener can feel in this Yilin singing on the more general trend, a more delicate interpretation of emotion from the lyrics, fast songs are more sway some freedom. Especially invited songwriter temporary election, Chen Wei, mustached Sung, Huang Shujun, Guo, Tu Hui Yuan, Yeliang Jun, Wu YUCON, Huru Hong ..., all gave the album works with popular music genre, R & B, Hip Hop, rock, reggae ... and so diverse musical form, it is worth mentioning that following the re-writing of the new album, singing "The Rose" This is the first English old songs, the album will be "Sugar Sugar" re-adapted for the 2000 Hip Hop version of the album became one of the characteristics extension Yilin.

Track listing 1-01. Don't Stop 1-02. Are You Happy 你快樂嗎 1-03. What Kind of Love 什麼樣的愛 1-04. You Gotta Know 1-05. Eternity 永恆 1-06. Everything’s Gonna be Alright 嗨 1-07. Words of Loneliness 孤單的人總說無所謂 1-08. Floating 飄浮 1-09. Love Song for You 唱這首歌 1-10. Sugar Sugar

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