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Jolin Tsai 3rd Album "Show Your Love"

Show Your Love is a Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai on Dec. 22, 2000 issue of the third original album, this album, Jolin Tsai's genre is already quite diverse, but still retains one o'clock temperament first two albums. Although the shorter the time from the last album, only 8 months away, but without compromising on buying, selling 350,000 of Taiwan's success, making up to the Fourth Edition of the album versions (Basic, Deluxe Edition, Celebration Edition, Commemorative Edition). "Show Your Love" is a transition phase during this period Jolin an important turning point, is no longer the only pure feeling, the first step to face a successful transition plan, but also created a complete transformation under the Photo Album to start.[Edit] Album Description
Unlike the previous girls love singing sounds bitter, SHOW YOUR LOVE new album Yilin showed a more mature style than before, after 20 years of age rite, Yilin to tell you that she is getting, she began to look forward When it comes, the 10 songs in the album the song name appears in 5 of "love" (SHOW YOUR LOVE, you still love me, love with a street, fast love, if that day you say you love me) First love is also vaguely out her feelings; the whole album apart from coaching her all the way to David Ng, Chen Wei, and mustached Sung, Wei Siong productions, the highlight Yilin broad international music styles, from Republic of Korea requested further surgeon to have worked million-selling singer, the current King of the hottest producers JAE transnational ran off to build, is a full international super Tiandie.
The first wave of the title song SHOW YOUR LOVE PARTY is a lively dance music, but also Yilin are good at fast songs, some in order to show the lively music dance PARTY feeling, but also specifically to the United States, New York, found a black co-eight sound, born from the black chorus precise sense of rhythm, dance to the song lively heat. "If the day you love me" is a great ocean of girls psychological drama songs, for the first time and creative cooperation Talented Sandee Chan, producer girls point of view, with Yilin of love from the female point of view the most delicate feelings of the world. "Fast love" is the first time and Xuchang De cooperation, the direction of the word bold confession of love Declaration of 20-year-old girl, is particularly worth mentioning is the song of the range, 16 degrees high, are different over Yilin In the "I know you're sad" in the performance of 12 degrees, even the producers are surprised at the Yilin Chen Wei just six months the changes in music and rapid growth, it is recommended to everyone.Album version
December 12, 2000 "Show Your Love" (2001 calendar comes with Eastcom telecommunications network card & Jolin special VIP pass code card)
February 9, 2001 "Show Your Love Thank Celebration Edition" (comes with 2001-Jolin calendar wallpaper LOVE trilogy turned exercise plans secret herbs in the mountains after the water emulsion Hu trial package)
March 16, 2001 "Show Your Love glorious Commemorative Edition"Tracks
1-01. Show your love
1-02. Soon there is love
1-03. You still love me
1-04. Baby Face
1-05. If the day you say you love me
1-06. Reluctant
1-07. Fell in love with a street
1-08. Pretty Pretty Day
1-09. Look to see
1-10. I feel your presence

Dancing DivaCastleChinesischer Musiker: Lang Lang, Leslie Cheung, Faye Wong, Aska Yang, Wang Wei, Jolin Tsai, Jay Chou, Jacky Cheung, Cui Jian, Yo-Yo Ma (German Edition)MagicJ9 PartyJolin Love Live [2009 Special Edition] CD + 2DVDShuo Ai Ni

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